Plasmatic Music vol. 1: available now on Mode Records

Available here for purchase as CD or digital download.

This new release marks the fourth installment of Mode Records series dedicated to Radulescu’s music. The three works on this disc explore different aspects of Radulescu’s theory of Sound Plasma as it evolved over the course of the 1970s:

Capricorn’s Nostalgic Crickets (1972) presents a simple pulse of spectrally dense sound events, described in the composer’s own words as a “PULSE-TIDE of MUSIC and SILENCE.” Performed on clarinet by Sam Dunscombe.

Small Infinities’ Togetherness (1972) is the shimmering articulation of a single sound spectrum (that of a low ‘D’) that shifts between harmonicity and inharmonicity, spectral narrowness and spectral width. The version presented on this CD is a duo between archival materials left by Radulescu himself (pipe organ, analogue synthesis, amplified objects) and Sam Dunscombe (digital and analogue synthesis, Romanian folk flutes, sound icon, tape manipulation).

Opus 42: Inner Time / Outer Time (1980-83), features the simultaneous realisation of a pair of compositions for multiple flutes and clarinets. A spectrum of odd number harmonics is deconstructed and rebuilt by overlaid flutes and clarinets, the instruments’ natural variations of pitch causing the total sonic mass to seethe and boil. Performed by Rebecca Lane (flutes) and Sam Dunscombe (clarinet).